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Responsible disclosure

Secure Cyber Future On Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure.

The Internet Standards Platform thinks the security of the website is very important. Despite the care we have taken to ensure security, an existing vulnerability may be found or a new one may arise somehow.

Have you found a security flaw in the website? You might have accidentally run across one in the normal operation of this site, or perhaps you have been actively trying to find a vulnerability. In either case, please let us know, so we can take action as soon as possible.

By the way, this is not an invitation to extensively scan and test our site for weaknesses. We are doing this ourselves.

We would like to work with you to further improve the security of our website. We will always take your notifications seriously and will look into any suspected vulnerabilities.

# In return we ask you to:-

  • Report your findings as soon as possible; ( )

  • Not to run tests that attack via physical security, social engineering, or third-party applications;

  • Not to run brute force or denial of service attacks;

  • leave your contact data (e-mail address and phone number), so we can get in touch and work with you to fix the problem.

  • Out of scope:- Clickjacking 

# We promise:-

  • We will respond to your notification within 30 Minutes, with an evaluation of your report and an expected date for a solution;

  • As your efforts, we will give you a hall Of fame for each report of a problem not yet known to us; we also offer rewards ( $50-$1000 ), but we do not want to stimulate active scanning for vulnerabilities.

 # Hall Of Fame:-

We would like to thank the following people who have found vulnerabilities in Secure Cyber Future and have made a responsible disclosure to us

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